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In your account you can connect your editions to Google Analytics. In barisco will show the most relevant data in an easy accessible overview. Our tracking feature gives you the possibility to set special tracking values to layers and buttons in your templates. This will make it easy to follow customers behavior within Google Analytics as well as our integrated statistics. So you have all the data available to optimize your publications.

Statistics, tracking and data

Barisco supports SEO. Add keywords, page descriptions and header tags.

Search engine optimalisation

Barisco includes Global CDN hosting. We bring your content as close to your reader as possible. We use 3 servers and 24 nodes around the world and guarantee an up-time of 99%

Global CDN hosting

Before publishing you have several options to preview and share your project.


- Preview real time your project within barisco platform

- Preview real time on your PC, tablet or mobile device

- Or share with your in- or external client a share link of yet unpublished work



In-app and real-time previews

Barisco includes customizable forms, an integrated database for subscribers and fully supports social media and social sharing.

Forms, subscribers and

social media integration

Upload and manage your images, icons, video's, GIF’s and PDF's that you want to use in your publications.

Content library

Barisco supports working with multiple users at the same time. Per user you can set specific user rights such as admin, content editor and designer.

Collaborate and user rights

Barisco offers the unique feature to use separate templates for desktop or mobile devices. This guaranties the best possible device specific experience.

Optimized Templates for each device

Barisco smart interactive templates are designed for the best possible user experience on any device and are constructed to optimize lead generation, call to action and visual impact. The animated templates include the option for multi-layered design.

Relevant Features to help you out

Barisco platform offers an impressive set of powerful features to create and distribute your interactive story.

This included 100+ smart interactive templates you can use for different multiple online experience in your account

Creation and distribution

Gather your content. Use the available templates to create one or multiple publications. Take your pick out of 10+ different menu's that suits best the type of project you are making. Publish your publication(s) real-time under your own URL or multiple projects using URL's with extensions.


SMART interactive templates

Start today!

Gather your content and publish amazing online experiences