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We're just one call away. So if you have questions or if you're in need for a 1:1 training, dont hesitate and contact us. A skype meeting is arranged within 12h.

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At Barisco, we all come to work every day because we want to deliver the best possible technology to create specific online content that amplifies your customer journey process on all devices.


Our interactive content marketing platform empowers brands and businesses to reach, engage, and convert more customers with interactive content. Now, designers and marketers can collaborate to create dynamic digital experiences that work seamlessly across devices—without developer resources.


In 2010, we started creating custom digital magazines in Flash as a replacement for print magazines. As a result, beautiful and engaging magazines were created, but these were very labor intensive and costly with each magazine taking 150 to 200 hours to build and would require a designer, developer, and marketer to get done.


Nowadays we deliver an easy to use platform containing modern templates and an editor so users can built their own interactive experience. With our performance metrics, you can analyse how viewers engage with your content on a granular level so you can make more informed decisions On top we offer top notch 1:1 live support to cover any questions our users might have.


Need help in content creation or do you need support to get the best results when using the templates? We are there to help.

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If you need custom designed templates for your brand, our experienced designers and developers are standby to extend your team.

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Barisco is made to make connections and integrations possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are not sure if things are possible.

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