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barisco web designer


is a fully packed design &

publishing suite that allows

you to build rich HTML5

projects without any

need of coding.

Create multiple projects

Your are free to create single or multi page designs in any size. This can be a single design for multiple platforms or specific designs for tablet or smartphones.


Design your own user interface or modify available pre-designed interfaces to your needs. Depending on platform, you can also create specific UI’s for web, tablet and mobile.

User Interface

Pages can be designed freely. Position content any way you desire and make it adaptive across multiple platforms. Integrate full HD design, scrollable pages, multi layered pages and overlays.


Design Freely

Animate layers or groups using preset animations or the timeline / key frame animation tool.


Create multi layered pages with overlays and pop-ups with or without scrolls containing multi media content.

Multi Layered

Work with a full range of interaction settings to create fully interactive pages and projects. Interactions can be set to mouse clicks, mouse overs and mouse outs. Or use interactions in combination with the preset and timeline animations.


Multi Media Content

Author rich text, upload and use your own fonts. Style texts using colour, alignments, spacing and size.

Rich text

Position video freely in your pages or add a full screen background video. Upload video or embed video from Youtube. Customize the video player and use specific settings for different platforms.


Images used in your designs can be set with all kind of options such as full width and fill mode options. Add drop and inner shadows, glows and bevels.


Integrate shopping in your pages. Use external links to a webshop, create product overlays. Or use our e-commerce solution to create a full shopping experience including a shopping basket functionality.


Integrate social media in your projects. Allow visitors to share your project, pages, specific media or micro content via social media networks.

Social Media

Distribution options

Preview and publish your work online at any time. In our Free Plan you can publish under a customizable barisco URL including barisco adds. Upgrade to premium and publish under your own URL without barisco adds.

Publish Instantly

Advertise your interactive project on any screen – touch screens included – in an auto slide page transition mode.

DOOH | Narrow Casting

Generate an embed code to integrate your project in any website including blogs and WordPress sites.

Or Embed your Project

Download your project and feature it offline. Edit your project and a message will be send to download the latest version when online.

Download for Offline Presentations

Allow visitor to send you project to friends or allow them register to recieve your newsletter or more information.

Send & Register

And more

You can create multiple projects that can be approached by seperate URL's .You can create also multiple editions like a weekly, monthly or quarterly update. Multiple editions can be stored and made accessible using the archive functionality.

Multiple Projects| Archive

Barisco Web Designer is a collaborative tool. Work with multiple users on one project. All plans include 2 users and most plans offer the possibility to upgrade the number of users. Each user can be given specific rights.

Multiple Users

You are free to design original pages, hence you do not have to work with templates. However you can easily turn your designed page into a template so you can use this page more often. Add the plugin for restricted edting so that only changing content is possible, protecting your designs when content is being inserted.

Template Design

Optimize your projects for search engines by setting specific keywords and Google fiendly meta data and connect your work to Google Analytics for generating statistics.

SEO & Analytics

Use our native statistics to get a good view of the most important data. You can set specific tracks on every interaction to monitor your visitors behaviour.

Native Statistics & Tracking

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